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Below is a selection of Dr. Pegoraro’s recent publications:

Pegoraro, A. (2014) Twitter as Disruptive Innovation in Sport Communication. Communication and Sport 2(2), 132-137

Pegoraro, A. (2013). Sport Fandom In The Digital World. In P. Pedersen (Ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Sport Communication (pp. 248–258). New York, NY: Routledge.

Pegoraro, A. and Jinnah, N. (2012) The impact of professional athletes’ use of Twitter on current and potential sponsorship opportunities. Journal of Brand Strategy 1, 85-97.

O’Reilly, N., Ayer, S., Pegoraro, A., Leonard, B. and Rundle-Thiele, S. (2012) Toward an Understanding of Donor Loyalty: Demographics, Personality, Persuasion, and Revenue. Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing, 24:1, 65-81

Nadeau, J., Pegoraro, A., O’Reilly, N., Jones, D.F. and Carvalho, P. (2011) Community Reflections and Attendance in Professional Sport: Diversity and Team-Market Congruence Journal of Sport Management 25 169-180

Pegoraro, A. (2010) Look Who’s Talking—Athletes on Twitter: A Case Study International Journal of Sport Communication 3, 501-514

Pegoraro, A., Ayer, S and O’Reilly, N. (2010) Consumer Consumption and Advertising through Sport. American Behavioral Scientist. 53; 1454-1475

Pegoraro, A., O’Reilly, N. and Giguere, M. (2009) Online and Off-Line Advertising During March Madness: Which Companies Drive Consumers to the Web? International Journal of Sport Communication. Vol. 2, 466-483

Pegoraro, A. (2009) Women’s brands and sponsorship, Guest Editorial, Journal of Sponsorship, Vol 2 (4)

Articles (Submitted and Under Review)

Burch, L., Frederick, E. and Pegoraro, A. (under review). Kissing in the Carnage: An Examination of Framing on Twitter during the Vancouver riots Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media.

Pegoraro, A., Frederick, E., Burch, L. and Vincent, C. (under review). I Am Not Loving It: Examining The Hijacking Of #CheersToSochi International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing

Hambrick, M. and Pegoraro, A. (under review). Social Sochi: Using Social Network Analysis to Investigate Electronic Word-of-Mouth in Three Hashtag Communities International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing

Abeza, G., Pegoraro, A., Naraine, M., Seguin, B. and O’Reilly, N. (under review). Activating a Global Sport Sponsorship with Social Media: An Analysis of TOP Sponsors, Twitter, and the 2014 Olympic Games. International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing